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Giving ‘Slumlords’ the Boot

Living areas infested by rodents and roaches; ceilings and walls so water damaged they collapse; floors so deteriorated they crumble under the weight of anyone walking in the door– these are the kind of substandard conditions to prevalent in apartment complexes throughout Southern California.

Often the building’s owners have been cited numerous times by the Housing Department or the Department of Environmental Health. Despite countless citations and threats of criminal prosecution, these slum landlords refuse to make the necessary repairs to their properties– that’s when civil litigation may be a tenant’s best chance for amends.

The California Legislature has provided a system of statutory damages and fines against landlords who fail to make necessary repairs to a property after being ordered to do so. Tenants also are entitled to rebates of rent paid over the years as well as damages for any physical and emotional injuries sustained.

Berglund & Johnson lawyers have successfully enforced the rights of tenants living in derelict rental properties and have even kept some landlords from owning and operating rental properties. If you, or someone you know, live in substandard conditions, call attorneyRobert Makely at Berglund & Johnson for a free consultation.