Electric Shock Injuries

Berglund & Johnson has represented victims of electric shock, which have resulted in severe injuries and death (electrocution). Injuries such as dielectric breakdown of the skin, tissue damage, fibrillation, burns and neuropathy can result from an electric shock. If currents higher than 100 mA pass through sensitive portions of the body, death can occur. The following types of injuries are associated with electric shocks and/or electrocutions:

  • Electrical injury, shock or burn
  • Lightning strike injury
  • Low/High-voltage injury
  • Nerve or muscle depolarization
  • Alternating current injury
  • Electrical flashes
  • Direct current electrical injury
  • Flash/arc/contact burns
  • Internal/external electrical energy
  • Burn/electrical injury treatment
  • Myoglobinuria, myoglobinemia

If you have any of the injuries listed above, contact Berglund & Johnson to consult with an expert for immediate evaluation. You may need a forensic pathologist, a civil and an electric engineer or other experts to assist in proving fault and your damages to obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries.

In the event of an electric shock, take and preserve any documentary and photographic evidence. It is important to retain an attorney with the expertise and knowledge required to properly represent victims of electric shock and/or electrocution. Berglund & Johnson has the experts and resources available to properly represent you. Call 1-800-4-IF-HURT for a free consultation.