Rollover Accidents

15-Passenger Vans

There are over 500,000 fifteen passenger vans are on the road in America. These large vans are widely used by churches and community organizations. High Schools and Colleges also use them to drive sports teams to games. Many drivers of these vehicles are not familiar with the dangerous characteristics and propensities of these vans to rollover during emergency situations. Ford Motor Co. builds and sells most 15 passenger vans on the highway in the U.S. Chrysler and General Motors build similar sized vehicles.
Ford produced models that include the E350 and Club Wagon E350. Chrysler models include the Dodge Ram Wagon B350 and Ram Van/Wagon B3500. General Motors manufactures the Chevrolet Express 3500, the GMC Savana, and the Rally/Vandura G3500. The same basic inherent design problems that make the Ford 15 passenger vans so dangerous are present in the Chrysler and GM versions. Other vehicles, such as various SUVs like the Ford Explorer have embodied serious roll-over characteristics.

15 passenger Vans have significant design and safety related defects that include allegations that the vehicles are:

Difficult to handle and subject to over-steering and loss of control
Unstable when loaded as advertised, leading to deadly rollover crashes;
Not crashworthy in that the roofs crush under foreseeable loads. Further, the windows are not laminated and pop out during rollovers, resulting in deaths in rollover crashes that would otherwise have been easily survivable.
Designed with seatbelts that are defective and confusing thereby causing passengers to be effectively unbelted causing occupant ejection during rollover.
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