Our Firm

Berglund & Johnson Law Group

Our “No Fee” Promise

Since we only agree to represent clients with whom we share a common commitment, Berglund & Johnson operates on a contingency fee (“no recovery, no fee”) basis. This means that our clients can have their legal needs met without paying for an attorney’s time on an hourly basis. Berglund & Johnson will collect their fee as a portion of the settlement and in many cases, costs incurred in pursuing the case can be paid upon conclusion of the case. If there is no recovery, there are no fees.

Our Success Record

Our firm has won some of the highest injury verdicts in California and has been nationally recognized by Martindale-Hubbell for outstanding legal ability and adherence to ethical values. Our team of attorneys has won judgments against such formidable opponents as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Union Oil, the State of California, Heidelberg Printing Presses and several major hospitals.

The People We Represent

Berglund & Johnson’s clients come from all walks of life but have had the common experience of a life-disrupting injury. Most of them have never considered seeing an attorney, much less suing anyone. Our clients are not trying to take unfair advantage or to win their case using deception or deceit. They seek out our help because they know our firm adheres to the highest ethical standards.

Our Mission

Our goal is to honorably serve the needs of our clients and the community by providing superior legal services to our clients while utilizing the highest ethics and integrity.

Our History

Originally introduced by a mutual friend and pastor, Dave and Dan quickly formed a friendship and working relationship. In 1982, they formed their partnership to help injured victims of accidents and defective products.

Organizations We Support