Do I Need A Lawyer to Settle a California Accidental Injury Claim?

Figuring the cost of healthcare

If you’ve been in an accident recently causing you injury, the last thing you might feel like doing right now is contacting a lawyer you’ve never met to talk about the process of pursuing a legal claim. Many people bristle at the thought of lawyers and lawsuits, which may stem from having a bad experience with the law or a lawyer in the past. Or the whole thing might just seem like a giant headache at the same time you’re dealing with the massive headaches of feeling traumatized, beat-up, and bruised while dealing with work complications and questions of money. And in a lot of cases, the person that injured you and/or their insurer might be offering you an immediate settlement for your injuries with the encouragement that “we don’t need to get lawyers involved.”

Which raises the question, do you need a lawyer to settle a California injury claim after an accident? The short answer is “no,” but having one might significantly increase your chances for obtaining maximum recovery for all your injuries.

Think About Why the Defendant Is Offering To Settle

There are, of course, well-intentioned people out there who do want to make things right as quickly as possible after they have caused injury to another. But is that what is actually going on in your situation, or could it be that the person who injured you might be trying to get out of paying the much larger settlement that you are actually owed by getting you to take the quick cash and sign away your right to pursue your damages in full?

And in many, if not most, cases involving large or deep-pocketed would-be defendants, you can bet that they probably talked to a lawyer about their liability and this was the recommendation, all while suggesting that you should not take the same step of talking to your own lawyer who is concerned with your well-being over the long run, not theirs.

Talking to an Attorney Does Not Mean You Have to Hire that Attorney

An experienced personal injury attorney can usually quickly evaluate your situation to determine whether you do have a case for a significantly higher settlement than what you are being offered (which can include medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering) and provide you with options on moving forward. A good personal injury attorney will not charge for you this initial consultation, and you are under no obligation to hire that attorney. If the attorney thinks that the settlement is actually fair, then he or she should tell you that, but they can also tell you what options you might have for obtaining a larger payout.

Remember, you as the injured victim are always in the driver’s seat of your own case and you should feel free to talk to as many attorneys as you want until you find that feels right for you.

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