Month: May 2017

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Do I Need A Lawyer to Settle a California Accidental Injury Claim?

If you’ve been in an accident recently causing you injury, the last thing you might feel like doing right now is contacting a lawyer you’ve never met to talk about the process of pursuing a legal claim. Many people bristle at the thought of lawyers and lawsuits, which may stem from having a bad experience with the law or a lawyer in the past. Or the whole thing might just seem like a giant headache at the same time you’re dealing with the massive headaches of feeling traumatized, beat-up, and bruised while dealing with work complications and questions of money. And in a lot of cases, the person that injured you and/or their insurer might be offering you an immediate settlement for your injuries with the encouragement that “we don’t need to get lawyers involved.” Continue reading “Do I Need A Lawyer to Settle a California Accidental Injury Claim?”

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Can I Get Pain and Suffering Damages in California?

You don’t have to be a lawyer to have heard of the concept of recovering compensation for “pain and suffering,” but many non-lawyers are justifiably confused by what exactly “pain and suffering” is in the legal context and when it is available. That said, we have all heard of news stories in which plaintiffs are awarded what seem like large financial sums for pain and suffering, thus determining whether such damages are available in a given case is (again, justifiably) one of the first questions asked by people considering bringing a personal injury claim. Continue reading “Can I Get Pain and Suffering Damages in California?”

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Warning Signs of Elder Mental Abuse in Nursing Homes

Senior citizens and dependent adults living in nursing homes face not only the risks of physical and sexual abuse, but mental abuse as well. The signs of mental abuse may be more difficult to notice than physical abuse, but mental abuse can result in horrific living circumstances for a senior citizen and can lead to illnesses and even early death. Thus, learning to be on the lookout for the warning signs of elder mental abuse is important, especially for family members and friends, as the elderly person in the nursing home may be too afraid or otherwise unable to speak up about it. Mental abuse is illegal under California law, and a person who has suffered the effects of mental abuse can take legal action to hold the perpetrators of mental abuse and their employers accountable. Below are a few of the more common signs of mental abuse in nursing homes. Continue reading “Warning Signs of Elder Mental Abuse in Nursing Homes”