Metrolink Train Derails In Oxnard After Colliding With Truck On Tracks

Today a Southern California commuter train slammed into a truck and derailed in a rural area near Oxnard on Tuesday, hospitalizing approximately 30 people, including four in critical condition. (USA Today). “The extent of injuries ranged from significant head trauma and extremity trauma to neck and back injuries and trauma that you’d generally get from being thrown around,” said Steve Caroll, of Ventura County Emergency Medical Services. “We did transport a total of 28 patients, and we have 23 on scene who were not transported who did not complain of any significant injuries.”

The truck caught fire and three Metrolink rail cars derailed and toppled over after the crash shortly before 6 a.m. At least one other car derailed but stayed upright. (USA Today)

Since ridership is increasing, commuter train activity is also increasing, allowing trains to be traveling at high speeds every minute of the day in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. With the high train traffic volume in California, train accidents are sadly foreseeable.

Berglund & Johnson has extensive experience with train accident cases. One of the most deadly train accidents in the history of the United States occurred in Chatsworth, California on September 12, 2008. The accident involved a Union Pacific freight and a Metrolink passenger train, and 25 passengers were killed. Berglund & Johnson represented victims of this unfortunate crash, achieving a one of the highest settlement values for these victims.

The different types of damages that can result from a train accident include:

  • Wrongful Death & Estate Damages
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical and other related damages
  • Loss of Earnings/Diminished Earning Capacity
  • Life care
  • Pain & Suffering

Parties who are generally held accountable for certain train crashes include:

  • Train Owner and Operators
  • Track Owners
  • Train Equipment managers
  • Motor Vehicle Operators

Most train crash cases are filed as a state-law-based claim for negligence. Many factors and laws that govern the carrier’s liability must be taken into account when determining if the railroad company could have prevented the accident by applying proper maintenance and care.

Berglund & Johnson will investigate and identify all possible defendants to insure your rights are protected. We will retain the best experts to prove fault and damages you have suffered, and we will obtain fair and just compensation on your behalf. Berglund & Johnson will handle all aspects of litigation when a settlement cannot be reached. Call 1-800-4-IF-HURT to speak with a Partner and set up a free consultation.

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