Car Safety First

Nothing beats that new car smell. However, before you revel in the smell and feel of your new ride, there are many things to consdier before buying a car. With more options to choose from, it’s important to consider every feature carefully, with care safety topping the list.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Web site ( is a good first stop on the road to car ownership. It offers important safety insights about vehicle defects, recalls, crash test and rollover ratings as well as other safe driving resources.

At Berglund & Johnson, we handle claims involving defective automobiles, such as cars that roll over or are equipped with defective and dangerous parts. One of our cases involved an automobile where a defective hood design resulted in it breaking away from its hinge and penetrating the windshield, causing serious person injury to the passengers. If you or someone you know has experienced personal injuries as a result of a car defect, call Berglund & Johnson for a free consultation.

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