Out of the Blue

Airplane crashes are the most unfathomable of disasters, causing trauma to survivors and devastation to families who have lost a loved one. At Berglund & Johnson, we’ve represented victims of airplane crashes. David Berglund is an experienced and fully instrument rated pilot and has logged thousands of hours flying his own airplane, which also means that he will fly to meet with you if you live outside of Los Angeles county. He has the knowledge and experience needed to properly represent victims or family members who have suffered injury or loss in a crash due to airplane defects or pilot error.

Berglund & Johnson is currently working on a case regarding a single engine airplane crash in Africa while taking vacationers to a Safari location. Whenever traveling overseas investigate the local airlines’ accident history and flight experience prior to flying with them. Call Berglund & Johnson for more information on airplane crash cases, or if you feel that you may have a case involving an airplane accident.

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