Month: March 2011

CO Poisoning: A Silent Boating Hazard

A growing number of boating deaths caused by carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning prompted the National Park Service to investigate CO exposures from generators and propulsion engines on houseboats. Studies showed there have been more than 600 boating-related poisonings in 35 states, with more than 100 deaths occurring in the past eight years.

The cause: CO engine exhaust builds up inside and outside the boat in areas near exhaust vents.

Ski boats were also studied- both transom and sideswipe exhaust. Researchers found that CO levels were highest when the boat was motionless. As the boat reached 20 mph and the person being towed was 10 to 60 feet behind, the levels were minimal. For details, click here.

Some important facts about CO:

  • CO cannot be seen or smelled, but it can be fatal or make people very sick
  • Symptoms of CO poisoning include headache, confusion, fatigue, seizures, dizziness and loss of consciousness or nausea.

If anyone on your boat experiences these symptoms, get him or her to fresh air and seek medical help immediately.

Every boat should have a battery operator CO detector that is tested daily. See for more information.

Berglund & Johnson attorneys have handled CO exposure cases and know the experts necessary to prove your case. If you are someone you know has experienced CO poisoning, call us at 1-800-4-IF-HURT ; 1-800-443-4878 for a free consultation.

Injured on the Job? Berglund & Johnson Can Help

When a person is injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance often provides come coverage for medical and other expenses. However, for serious injuries, workers’ compensation benefits may not cover all losses- that’s where Berglund & Johnson can help.

When an injury is due to negligence by someone other than an employer, workers can file a third-party personal injury claim for additional benefits. While workers’ compensation covers medical bills, some temporary benefits and a reduced disability payment, employees are not fully compensated for loss of earnings, disability, pain and suffering or other damages- all of which are available in third-party cases. However, early investigation is critical, so call Berglund & Johnson today! We will investigate if other parties may be responsible for injuries.

No payment is due up front. Berglund & Johnson receives a fee if we succeed in obtaining a personal injury settlement on your behalf. If you are anyone you know has been seriously injured on the job, email Gary Shanks or call us at 1-800-4-IF-HURT; 1-800-443-4878 for a free consultation.

Bunk Bed Adventures

Bunk beds are one furniture purchase the whole family usually agrees on. Parents love their space-saver convenience; kids love their versatility as a fort, pirate ship or tent. However, their stackable structure also makes them a potential hazard. Nearly 36,000 kids each year are treated for cuts, bruises, fractures and even brain trauma due to bunk bed-related accidents. Adults are, sometimes, victims as well.
If you have a bunk bed, make sure the guardrail is secure enough to prevent falls and the bed’s supporting structures are properly secured with nuts and bolts or other fasteners. Even with a strong structure, make sure children play safe on and around the bed.
Berglund & Johnson has handled many bunk bed-related personal injury cases. One involved a young boy who suffered a severe cut to his face after a bunk bed frame weld failed and came apart. He required dozens of stitches and plastic surgery. He will have a scar for the rest of his life. Another involved a young adult woman who sustained serious brain damage after falling from a top bunk, which had no guardrails,
If you know someone who has suffered serious injury due to a defective bunk bed, contact Berglund & Johnson at 1-800-4-IF-HURT ; 1-800-443-4878 for a free consultation.

Car Safety First

Nothing beats that new car smell. However, before you revel in the smell and feel of your new ride, there are many things to consdier before buying a car. With more options to choose from, it’s important to consider every feature carefully, with care safety topping the list.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Web site ( is a good first stop on the road to car ownership. It offers important safety insights about vehicle defects, recalls, crash test and rollover ratings as well as other safe driving resources.

At Berglund & Johnson, we handle claims involving defective automobiles, such as cars that roll over or are equipped with defective and dangerous parts. One of our cases involved an automobile where a defective hood design resulted in it breaking away from its hinge and penetrating the windshield, causing serious person injury to the passengers. If you or someone you know has experienced personal injuries as a result of a car defect, call Berglund & Johnson for a free consultation.

Out of the Blue

Airplane crashes are the most unfathomable of disasters, causing trauma to survivors and devastation to families who have lost a loved one. At Berglund & Johnson, we’ve represented victims of airplane crashes. David Berglund is an experienced and fully instrument rated pilot and has logged thousands of hours flying his own airplane, which also means that he will fly to meet with you if you live outside of Los Angeles county. He has the knowledge and experience needed to properly represent victims or family members who have suffered injury or loss in a crash due to airplane defects or pilot error.

Berglund & Johnson is currently working on a case regarding a single engine airplane crash in Africa while taking vacationers to a Safari location. Whenever traveling overseas investigate the local airlines’ accident history and flight experience prior to flying with them. Call Berglund & Johnson for more information on airplane crash cases, or if you feel that you may have a case involving an airplane accident.

Hands Free in the Car

How would we get by without cell phones? Many of us use them to keep up with the family, make business contacts or to tell people we are going to be late, often while driving.
Drivers are prohibited from driving a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone, unless it is a hands-free device. There are some limited exceptions, such as emergency situations to contact public safety officials. The law is stricter for minors (under 18 years of age). They are prohibited from driving while using any wireless telephone, including a hands-free device, or mobile service device (pagers, texting devices, laptops, etc.). Please get a hands-free device for your cell phone. It is safer for everyone.

Treading Dangerously

In our last blog, we included information on the dangers of tire delamination. One of Berglund & Johnson’s attorneys experienced tire failure first hand:

After hearing a rhythmic, whirring comping from his vehicle while driving, he checked his tires to see if they were causing the noise, but they looked fine. The tires were farily new, properly inflated and had good tread. To be safe, he took his vehicle to a reputable tire expert who examined his tires and found that the tread had begun to separate, known as delamination. Luckily, he caught this in time as accidents resulting from tire delamination have caused severe injuries and death.

One important lesson from all of this: Tires over six years old are dangerous as they begin to dry out, putting them at risk of delamination. It’s been reported that many tire dealers have sold tires that have been sitting on the shelf for more than six years.

When purchasing tires, ask the dealer when the tires were manufactured. You can also check a tire’s age–those manufactured in the U.S.–by looking for a ecoded manufacturing date, located on either the outside or inside sidewall. Note, that the date printed represents the number of the week and the year the tire was manufactured. For example “4202” means the tire was manufactured the 42nd week of 2002. The number 2391 means it was manufactured the 23rd week of 1991.

Berglund & Johnson attorneys have handled many cases involving tire delamination. If you or someone you know experiences an injury accident caused by tire failure, call us at 1-800-4-IF-HURT ; 1-800-443-4878.